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Sailing Holiday in Malta

The greatest thing about turning an ordinary holiday into an extraordinary sailing experience in Malta is that the island is surrounded by sea and the coast is so close to anywhere you might be staying - so you're only minutes away from your next sailing adventure. People of all ages are turning to sailing as a major hobby or sport.

Before setting sail, safety on the water is one of the most important factors to take into account. Maltese harbours are not crowded thus you can sail at ease while keeping a safe distance from other vessels. The majority of Maltese harbours are classified as closed harbours since they provide shelter and experience low winds. If you are interested in going into sailing, you also need to know how to swim - and Malta has been classified as one of the top diving locations in the world.

A sailing holiday in Malta will leave you astonished with the island's mystique characteristics - once you have planned your budget and schedule, book away! One can choose from a handful of sailing schools that will get you going in terms of training and gaining experience and will also suggest the ideal sailing package for you and your family depending on your skill level and availability. There are various options to choose from, namely daily sailing, windsurfing, yachting, sailing tasters, yacht charters and regattas.

Choose carefully who you go sailing with as your first instructor will set the tone to your whole sailing experience. Also do some research about the different types of sailing boats so you know which one suits your level of expertise the most and which one is most affordable. Keelboats and yachts, sailing dinghies and skiffs - they might be suitable for different times of year and for different-sized groups.

Maltese are so serious about the sport that we organise yearly events that revolve around the concept of sailing - many tourists and aficionados are familiar with the Middlesea Race, and our shores lure in hundreds of boats. Hitting the sea at an average of 30 degrees proves to be an enjoyable and refreshing experience to many.

Passionate sailors will happily glide along with you and skim the surface of the waters to help you get the gist of how to harness the wind and steer the boat or yacht. If the Maltese coast isn't enough, you can always venture into the seas surrounding Gozo and Comino - pure bliss.

And while you're in Malta, do not forget to check out the Maltese Luzzu, a highly rugged seafaring boat often used by local fishermen for their fishing trips across the Mediterranean Sea. Painted in red, blue and yellow and decorated with the fortune eye of Isis, the boat can withstand any type of weather and is a symbol you will encounter while on your sailing trip.

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